Heather Abraham holds a BA and MA in Religious Studies and is the founder and editor of the eMagazine Religion Nerd. Originally from Jeannette, Pennsylvania, she currently resides in Atlanta with her husband Teo and their three beloved dogs. The Bookie’s Daughter is her first book. The Bookie’s Daughter has peaked to #1 on

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- Peaked to #1 on Amazon’s Top Rated in Biographies & Memoirs of Criminals.

- 2013 Georgia Author of the year awards finalist under the category of “Memoirs/Autobiographies”.

- 2013 Next Generation Indie Book awards finalist for best independent Non-Fiction E-Book of 2013.

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Click on the links to read the excerpt from each chapter:                

1 Home Grown Addiction                       

2 A Match Not Made in Heaven                       

3 “General Merchandise and Gambling”                        

4 Canary #1 Sings                       

5 Troll Under the Bridge               

6 Mommy Dearest                          

7 Ice Cream, Pizza, and The Loogie Man                       

8 Badda Bing, Badda Bang, Badda BOOM!                         

9 Bible Thumping Bookie                      

10 My Two Giants                        

11 Slithering Menace

12 The Abyss                        

13 Passages     

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